Life is all about facing the challenges …

Challenges become more challenging when you don’t know how to face the challenges …

The more you are prepared to face the challenges, the more easily you can handle the challenges, the better your life will be.

And here are the three quotients that defines your preparation …

Your Intelligence, Emotional and People Quotient …

The way you process the information intellectually (IQ) , the way you react emotionally (EQ) and the way you meet the people interactively (PQ) ; are the key quotients to resolve the challenges of your life …

Research proved that most successful people and the persuasive leaders are laser focused in civilizing their aforesaid quotients.

Your learning behavior decides whether you can improve IQ, EQ and PQ or not. 

If you are willing to come out of your comfort zone and ready to challenge your previous learning, taking the good from past and eliminating the bad for future.

Learning Intelligence 1.0, helps you to improve your IQ, EQ and PQ.

Your LI enables you to learn the ways to improve your intelligence, expand your vision to see the things with different perspective thus making you emotionally wiser, enable you to understand other’s map of world thereby enabling you to understand people empathetically.

That’s why your LQ is more important than Your IQ,EQ and PQ. One quotient that improves rest of the quotients, making your life  better.

Check your LIQ now.


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