What is happening to the entire world?

Will our employer be willing to take us back once we are through this?

Am I really going to socialize ever again?

How the wheel of the economy will start moving again?

Do these voices sound familiar? Undoubtedly, this pandemic of COVID-19 has left most of us in the state of panic with paralyzed senses! And to fuel the misery, we have the so-called social and electronic media reinforcing the pandemic with vague info-demic.

Though the situation is no joke as more than 200 countries been victimized due to COVID-19, yet the good news is; nothing lasts forever.

This world has faced even more dreadful events in the last century, yet it’s over.

In 1914, faced world war 1, yet it’s over

In 1920, faced  Spanish flue, yet it’s over.

In 1939, faced world war 2, yet it’s over.

And soon every one of us will be saying, we faced a pandemic, yet it’s over.

Let’s focus on what role we can play to get this pandemic over.


The first thing is Health Management where you need to focus on all the four aspects of health i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

While the doctors and religious clerics are talking enough to care about physical and spiritual health respectively, let’s focus on what can we do to immune our emotional and mental health.


The second thing is the information management

Be conscious of your internal self-talk: what sort of suggestions you are giving to yourselves regularly !

You need to be very careful what kind of talk is going on inside your mind, whether its positive or negative !

Research says that negative self-talk can actually cause lethal damage to your body, mind, and life and it often goes unnoticed!

Every emotion is contagious and emotions are triggered by perceptions we project through information.  The simplest way to control emotion is simply to control the flow of information.

The more you know the art to filter information, the purer your perceptions will be, the less negative your emotions will be.

Schedule the flow of information. Not every information covered in this COVID period needs your attention.  Trust, if you are among those who are taking possible precaution and are exercising social distancing, there is no need for you to panic and really no need to increase your knowledge about death tolls every day.

This will only increase your stress levels.


The third thing is the attention management

Your energy flows where your attention goes.

There is always something positive in every situation, all you need is to look for that.

Observe the natural life around you which is more colorful now, due to less pollution.

Rivers, that are flowing with fewer plastics inside.

Voices, that are getting more clear due to less noise of fast pace life.

Flowers that are still blooming, birds that are still chirping, and you are getting relaxed while seeing this natural beauty, listening to the mesmerizing voices and feeling even more relaxed by observing that natural life is still on its full pace.

All that slowed down is the artificial one.

Start tasting the natural tastes. Though the branded tastes are not available these days, yet the chickpeas tendered in the loving hands of the mother or spouse taste more than the one that is cooked in unknown hands.

Have you noticed that eating at home with your family, lessen your expenses and strengthen your relations by helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The gathering of all family members, back together around the dinner table has brought back the long-lost essence of the family bonding.

Let us cherish our time together for which we all must have longed for, some time, somewhere in our daily schedules, whether consciously or unconsciously.


It is high time that we return back to our roots, it’s the time that we start caring back for our family instead of wasting our time collecting useless information regarding the disease.

The pandemic has made all of us realize that our plans hold no value in front of what OUR CREATOR has planned for us.

Let’s stay more optimistic about the future because there is dawn to every dusk!

And let’s say again, NOTHING LAST FOREVER.

About The Author;

IKHLAS FAHAD is the CEO of Renaissance School of languages and is currently working to bring innovative changes in the education sector of Pakistan.

She is also a certified and licensed Master Practitioner of NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING and that is what she is utilizing to establish smart practices in the process of teaching and learning in Pakistani schools.