The word PANIC itself is hidden in the word PANDEMIC so it’s not wrong to say that pandemic brings panic with it.

If we cast a glance to the pandemics that broke out in history, we come to know that the death-dealing and threatening diseases have always had social and psychological outcomes. The same can be seen in the case of COVID-19. Apart from the daily increase in the number of corona patients, panic is spreading among people like fire in the jungle.

The uncertainties like working of people from home, shut down of schools and industries, restriction on public gatherings, and the imposition of lockdown by the government are some of the reasons along with the spread of this transmissible disease that is responsible to rise a wave of panic among people. There is no doubt that the more you stress, the more you become receptive to illness.

It is because you start to act emotionally instead of thinking intellectually. Woefully, serious tension and anxiety can lead to an absolute meltdown.

The response can not only lead to deteriorating health but can also lessen one’s potential to perform optimally. These emotions of the people in return dictate their behavior that, in the ongoing scenario of the spread of coronavirus, can clearly be seen all over the world in the form of panic-buying, hoarding of daily provisions of life, and increase in the number of patients suffering from depression.

Now the question in the minds of the majority is that how to keep oneself relax amid the wave of panic?

First, we must keep this thing in mind that it is natural to experience fear, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, and nervousness when a worldwide contagious disease jolts every domain of your life but if one pre-occupy his mind with the fear it can cause long term damage to his health and weakens the immune system.

Some of the ways are enlisted below by which one can look after his mental health amid a wave of panic.

1- Believe in yourself

2- Become deaf to misinformation and rumors

3- Reduce media consumption

4- Keep yourself aware by the information from authentic resources e.g. WHO

5- Keep your mind busy by playing indoor games

6- Sleep well

7- Take a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong

8- Do exercise twice a day

9- Make a call to your relatives and inquire about their health. By doing so, not only you but your relatives will feel relax and happy.

10- Stay Positive


Fareeha is Islamabad based Content Writer and active Team Member of Psychological First Aid For COVID 19. You can reach her at